Sign, Effects and Prevention of Dehydration During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time when women have to be very careful about their different physical conditions. A pregnant woman may be dehydrated during her pregnancy.  Dehydration is a condition in which a body loses the water. The body looses water faster that you take it in. when it happens, it can become a very serious issue and if you are pregnant, it is the most serious situation that must not be neglected at any cost.  Dehydration is dangerous not only for the expecting mother but is also harmful for the fetus.


Importance Of Water In Pregnancy

A pregnant woman needs more water than an average person. She has to be hydrated because water is very important factor in the process of baby development. It is the water that helps in the formation of placenta. Placenta helps in giving nutrients to the baby and the baby depends on the placenta for its nourishment. Water is very important because it also helps in making the amniotic sac so it is very important or the pregnant women to stay well hydrated and avoid dehydration.

Signs That You Are Dehydrated During Pregnancy

The maternal overheating is the most common sign of dehydration. When there is adequate water in the body, it will keep the body regulated. If there is not adequate water in the system, the body will be overheated during pregnancy. When you will be hydrated, your urine will be clear in color and if the body is poorly hydrated, the color of the urine will be dark yellow. In this case you should increase your water intake.

Effects Of Dehydration On Pregnant Women

There could be serious pregnancy complications if you are dehydrated. The common complications include low amniotic fluid, neural tube defect, and premature labor and even low breast milk production. In some cases there is also a risk of birth defects. So the lack of water could be very serious of the baby during pregnancy. Low amniotic fluid also affects the growth of the baby and there could be some serious deformations of the baby’s hands and feet.  In second or third trimester, dehydration could lead to premature birth. If a woman gets dehydrated during pregnancy, and no remedy is working, she has to be hospitalized and IV fluids will be the only solution.

Prevention Of Dehydration During Pregnancy

To prevent dehydration, pregnant women should take plenty of water every day. The average intake of water should be from 8-12 glasses a day. Pregnant women can take many other steps in order to keep their baby hydrated. The first step is to avoid the intake of caffeine. It leads to dehydration in a way that it increases the urination so the body looses more water.

In pregnancy pregnant women should also avoid such activities that will make their body over heated. These activities include hard exercise or staying in a hot environment for a long time. Exercise is good in pregnancy as it keeps the body active but strenuous exercise should be avoided.

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