Pregnancy Checklist – A Guide of Week by Week Pregnancy

Pregnancy Checklist

First Trimester

Week 1: It is the time when you should start taking folic acid and prenatal multivitamin daily.

Week 2: Eating the healthiest diet is very necessary now.

Week 3: Visit a genetic counselor if you have a risk for having a baby with an inherited disorder.

Week 4: You will have a positive pregnancy test if you are pregnant.

Week 5: Make an appointment with your doctor as soon as you get to know you are pregnant.

Week 6: Some women tell people about their pregnancy soon they get pregnant and some wait until the risk of miscarriage goes down i.e. at 14 weeks. You can wait to tell your boss about your pregnancy until you’ve examined your maternity leave options.

Week 7: Before the completion of the first trimester, visit the human resources department for your company to know about your maternity leave you’ll have and if they are unpaid, paid or both.

Week 8: You will have the ultrasound for the confirmation of your pregnancy and finding out when you conceived.

Week 9: Women may start childbirth-prep courses, during the second trimester

Week 10: Learn breastfeeding and newborn-care by taking the classes or hospital visits.

Week 11:  At this time a test known as Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS), is taken for the diagnosis of chromosomal disorders such as Down syndrome.

Week 12: . Doctors suggest a screening test for diagnosing Down Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities

Week 13: This is the time when you enter the second trimester, and prepare for giving birth.

Second Trimester

Week 14: You can start a prenatal-yoga class to build strength for labor.

Week 15: You can now go for the tests to screen for chromosomal abnormalities, and defects like neural-tube defects.

Week 16: Begin to set up a birth plan and think seriously about your pregnancy.

Week 17: Tell your employer about your pregnancy and a plan for your maternity leave.

Week 18: At this time you can do an amniocentesis if your age is 35 or older for screening for chromosomal/genetic disorders like Down syndrome and spina bifida.

Week 19: You can know about your baby’s sex through a detailed ultrasound.

Week 20: This is the mid of your pregnancy.

Week 21: You should learn about your baby care now because you won’t get time after the arrival of your newborn.

Week 22: You can make your plans of the life after the baby arrives.

Week 23: You may start a childbirth-education class.

Week 24: Start shopping for your baby now.

Week 25: Plan your babymoon now.

Week 26: The test for gestational diabetes is done at this time.

Week 27: Start your planning for child care.

Week 28: Around 28 weeks you should have your checkup after every two to three weeks.

Third Trimester

Week 29: You need to shop for the things you’ll need in the hospital and at home.

Week 30: You should take childbirth classes at this time and call your health insurance company and inform them about your due date.

Week 31: Book doulas or labor coaches.

Week 32: Enjoy your baby shower at 32 weeks of pregnancy.

Week 33:  make further preparation by interviewing your baby nurses, doulas and lactation specialist.

Week 34: Arrange all your baby clothes.

Week 35: cook and freeze some food for you when you will come home back with baby and make other arrangements.

Week 36: Choose the best pediatricians for your baby.

Week 37: Pack your hospital bag.

Week 38: Know the breastfeeding techniques

Week 39: .Take maternity leaves.

Week 40: Now it’s the time to welcome your baby

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