11 Natural Pain Relief Techniques for Labor

It is really a very hard work to have a baby and the main part of it is to go through the pain. There are many natural pain relief methods for relieving pain during labor. Taking pain medications is not good when you are in labor, instead women should go for some natural methods to overcome their pain. Follow the following natural pain relieving options during your labor.

Natural Pain Relief Techniques for Labor


Massage is very helpful in relieving pain during labor. Ask your partner to apply some lavender or jasmine scented oil and do some kneading. It will soothe that body part. These essential oils have the soothing effect and you will feel relaxed after massage. You can also take the help of a massage therapist to help you relieve your pain with the help of the massage.

Tennis Balls and a Tube Sock

Stuff a sock by placing three tennis balls and ask your partner to roll them on your back in an up and down direction to relieve pain.


Use heat

Take some rice and fill a long sock with them. Heat it in a microwave oven for a minute. Now put it on your abdomen to relieve the pain. Don’t make it very hot. Don’t let it be cold and if it gets cold, reheat it. This option is better in case of home birth. You can also use hot water bottle or electric heating pad to ease your pain.

Use an Exercise Ball

Use an exercise ball and put your upper body on it with face up. It will relieve your backache. If you want to relax your pelvis area, you can sit on it.

Back Pain Relief

Getting iced is another way to relieve your pain. Take a rubber glove and fill it with crushed ice. Now put it over your back to relieve pain. Be careful and don’t use it on the abdomen.

Keep Moving

Keep moving by walking or floating so that the baby may get down or out.

Use acupressure

You can pinch the flesh by using acupressure. It will help to ease pain.

Deep breathing

Inhaling and exhaling deeply will help you relieve some pain and you may feel relaxed. Short breaths only increase the pain.  Breathing in deeply and out slowly will help you to stay relaxed.


Doula is the best pain relief option during labor. They give the support through all stages of birth. A doula helps in releasing the stress because it is only the stress that gives the pain.

When they are used, there are fewer requests for epidurals, caesarean and forceps or vacuum births.

Changing positions

Changing positions on all four sides is helpful pain relief technique. It will help in taking the pressure off the back. It will also help the baby move down.


Using water is the most comforting and pain relieving technique during labor. You can take warm water shower or sit in the bath tub or sit on the birth ball in the shower.

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