Common Pregnancy Pains You should know

During pregnancy, there is the development of the baby so the body undergoes different changes. Due to these changes, the body feels different pains. Some pains are normal and are very common. We have covered common pregnancy pains like cramping during pregnancy, headache during pregnancy, lower back pain during pregnancy, Sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy, round Ligament Pain and Braxton-Hicks Contractions.


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cramps during pregnancy

Cramping During Early Pregnancy. I’m having a lot of cramping and I am in my first trimester of pregnancy. Is something wrong with either me or my baby? Cramping is normal as it is due to the stretching of the uterus. The uterus stretches during pregnancy so it may cause some cramping. Some other causes of cramping are the gas and constipation. If you feel cramping worse than menstrual cramping, and there is bleeding accompanied with lower back pain, you must immediately contact your doctor as soon as possible.



It is very common to feel headache during pregnancy. But if it becomes severe and continues for some days, you should consult your doctor. For light headache taking Tylenol is advised. Keep it in mind that you should not take aspirin in your pregnancy.

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Lower back pain


Almost every woman feels lower back pain during pregnancy. The reason is the hormonal changes and the weakness in the abdominal muscles. If you feel the pain for more than 2 weeks, it is advised to talk to your doctor. There could be any complication if you feel very severe pain along with the bleeding and painful urination. Lower back pain during pregnancy, you need to care about it and Consult your doctor as soon as possible if you are experiencing these problems.

Sciatic nerve pain


If you experience some tingling feeling and pain that extends from the lower back to the legs, this is the sciatic nerve pain. It very commonly happens in pregnancy. This is because the uterus grows; it puts the pressure on the sciatic nerve. The pelvic joints and the baby also put pressure on the nerve so you will experience sciatic nerve pain. When you feel this pain, try to avoid some activities like bending, walking or lifting as these activities may make it worse. You can be relax with care of sciatic nerve pain during pregnancy.

Leg cramps

Women usually experience leg cramps during second and third trimester and these cramps happen mostly at night. The leg cramping is very painful condition but it is quite normal. There is also a jumpy sensation felt by the most women during pregnancy and it is because of the excessive pregnancy weight and pressure on the nerves and the blood vessels.

Leg cramps pain during pregnancy

During pregnancy there is a change in the circulation so leg cramps occur. Women must stay hydrated and avoid standing or sitting in the same pose for a long time. To feel better women should take warm bath and do some massage of the affected area. Talk to the physician, if the legs are swollen and red.

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Round Ligament Pain

Round Ligament Pain during pregnancy

The round ligament stretch when the uterus grows. A very sharp pain is then felt in the side, abdomen, hip, or groin area. This pain may trigger by some movements like standing up or turning in the bed.  This problem is normal but if the pain is severe and does not go away after some time, contact the doctor.

Braxton-Hicks Contractions


It is a false labor which happens in the second trimester. These contractions usually prepare the body for the actual labor. You feel some tightening feeling in your lower abdominal area, uterus or groin area.

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