Fertility after Miscarriage Causes and Risk Factors

Miscarriage is the loss of pregnancy which is the saddest and depressing experience for any couple. It is a situation that makes every affected couple worried and stressed if they will ever be able to become parent again. Women who have miscarriage usually think that they must have done something wrong that has resulted into miscarriage. Every couple after miscarriage needs a way to prevent this horrible situation in future.

Fertility after Miscarriage Causes and Risk Factors

Miscarriage typically does not cause infertility but sometimes miscarriage becomes very traumatic because it can leave a woman infertile. But fortunately many women have a healthy pregnancy and delivery after the miscarriage.

Miscarriages are scary but they are very common as one in 4 women have miscarriage. The major concerns of the women after miscarriage includes

  • Why it happened and what could have caused it?
  • Do I have the chances of getting pregnant after it?
  • What is the right way to get pregnant after miscarriage?
  • What should be done for trying it again as soon as possible?

What Causes A Miscarriage?

The list of the causes of a miscarriage is very long. There are many factors that contribute to its occurrence but at many times, doctors are unable to tell the cause of the miscarriage. Some reasons include the use of drugs, alcohol, and some bad lifestyle choices like smoking etc. Some chronic diseases severe illnesses such as rubella can cause miscarriage.
Usually the miscarriages happen in the first few months of the pregnancy and in many cases miscarriage happens before a woman knows she is pregnant.

Risk Factors

The risk of miscarriage increases when a woman

  • Is above the age of 35 years
  • Has some problems like diabetes or thyroid problems
  • Has a history of three or more miscarriages

Can Miscarriages Be Prevented?

In the majority of the cases, miscarriages can’t be prevented but in some cases they can be prevented under the special care and treatment of a specialist. If a woman has suffered from three or more miscarriages, the chances to prevent the miscarriage are low.
It is always possible to reduce the risks of miscarriages instead of entirely preventing it. Avoid using alcohol and drugs, avoid smoking and eat healthy diet besides maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the chances of miscarriages.

See The Specialist

You must immediately consult your specialist if you feel you are having the symptoms of miscarriage. The doctor may refer you some tests but in most cases ultrasound is recommended because an ultrasound scan can better determine if the pregnancy is lost or not.
Usually the pregnancy tissue pass out naturally but sometimes medication and a minor surgery is required to remove it.

Remain Optimistic

No doubt miscarriage is very depressing and it is normal for a woman to think if she would be able to get pregnant again after the miscarriage or not. Grief is very common after the miscarriage but women must remain hopeful and optimistic that one day they will get pregnant and deliver a healthy baby.

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