Donor Egg

Egg donation makes the occurrence of pregnancy possible. It is also called oocyte donation. This is the only option for the women who have no other way to become pregnant. Before this, there were no options for the women to get pregnant who have premature ovarian failure, genetically transmittable diseases or diminished ovarian reserve.

Candidates For Donor Egg

Candidates For Donor Egg

Women whose own eggs are unable to be used for conception but the women are able to carry a child in their uterus.

Initially women premature ovarian failures were the right candidates for egg donation. This problem is known as the occurrence of menopause before the age of 40 years.

Recently, the women with diminished ovarian reserve are considered to be the right candidates for donor eggs. Women who are above the age of 40 years are less fertile and their successful pregnancy chance after IVF is also low. This is because of the aging of the eggs. But the problem of diminished ovarian reserve can also happen with the women under the age of 40 years.

Other possible candidates for donor egg include the women who had multiple unsuccessful IVF attempts particularly when the problem is the poor egg quality. When women have transmittable genetic abnormalities and can have their offspring affected so they are also the right candidates of donor eggs.

Before the candidate receives an egg donation, she has to undergo extensive medical test to check her health and capability to sustain pregnancy.  The medical and psychological testing is also done to the egg donor.

Frozen Donor Eggs

It has become possible to buy eggs through frozen egg banks. The donor can freeze her eggs before any medical treatment and then use that again for getting pregnant. The candidate can also use other donor’s eggs.  If you want frozen donor eggs for getting pregnant, you may ask your doctor.

Egg donation is a wonderful alternative that can help couple make their dream come true of becoming parents when there is no other possible option for them.

This fertility treatment option was unaffordable for the majority of patients. But in the recent years, this treatment has become affordable due to the few steps taken in the development of innovative solutions for controlling the cost. There was also the problem of donor availability but recently this problem is also controlled.

Initially many women were not interested in this treatment option as they were not interested to carry their partner’s baby inside them but now there is an increase in the demand of this option. It means that now more patients are willing to undergo this treatment. Thousands are babies are born with donated eggs each year. This treatment option is considered as a positive step in the creation of family.

If you want to undergo this treatment, first make a discussion about it with your family and friends and share your feeling with them. You may need a professional counselor at clinic to guide you everything about ut and may talk to other people who have egg donor conceived child.

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