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Tubal Reversal is surgical procedure that is used to restore a woman's fertility after a tubal ligation....
Tubal Ligation Reversal Dr. Natchez "Trey" Morice, MD, MBA, FACOG has been a pioneer in providing...

Tubal Reversal Center Louisiana

“Tubal Reversal Center is Founded by Dr. Morice, a board certified and experienced doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology.“

Dr. Morice is a qualified surgeon who has done thousands of successful surgeries of tubal reversal. Both he and his team has helped numerous parents and mothers around the globe.

“To be a mother is a big dream for many mothers which became true by Dr. Morice.”

Tubal reversal surgery is performed by Dr. Morice by ini-laparotomy (incision about 4 inches extensive). Tubal ligation reversal has made normal conception possible so many women can have children after Tubal Ligation.

Tubal ligation reversal surgery has high success rates compared to IVF and cost much low.

Together, Dr. Morice with his staff is very caring, concerned, or qualified.

What is Tubal Reversal Surgery ?

Tubal Reversal surgery operations have been performed for several decades, they are very successful, safe and very effective as well. Success of an operation mainly depending on the surgeon’s skills and experiences; Tubal Reversal Surgery procedure can be performed in many different ways in-order to get the success result. The key objective is to restructure the Fallopian tube to its original function which could help you to get pregnant again.

During the Tubal Reversal the damaged section(s) of your fallopian tube(s) is (are) carefully excised using a microscope, leaving only the remaining healthy and open Fallopian tube segments. These segments are then reconnected with extremely fine, hair-like sutures in multiple layers using a microsurgical technique that Dr. Morice perfected while performing Tubal Reversal surgeries over the past 14 years. Throughout the Tubal Reversal, and after the completion of the Tubal Reversal, Dr. Morice injects dye into the uterus and through the fallopian tubes to be certain that the Tubal Reversal is working and at the end, has worked. These dye tests allow Dr. Morice to see how well the Fallopian tubes function after being reconnected. The rate of flow of the dye through the Fallopian tubes helps Dr. Morice provide you with a prediction of how successful you will be in conceiving a child after your Tubal Reversal is completed.

What are “Tubal Ligation Reversal”, “Tubal Reversal Surgery” and “Microsurgical Tubal Reanastomosis” (“MTR”); are they used for same surgery?

What is Tubal Ligation Reversal?

Tubal ligation reversal restores women ability to conceive naturally again.

Approximately 1 in 4 married women in the US have a tubal ligation when they feel they are done having children. However, about 10% of these women want to have children again after sterilization. Tubal ligation reversal makes this possible.

Tubal ligation reversal is a safe and effective procedure that reverses sterilization. Dr. Morice performs outpatient tubal ligation reversal surgery in Morgan City, Louisiana. The minimally invasive procedure restores women fallopian tubes to allow for conception. The surgery takes about 90 minutes. Patients are typically back at work after 1 week, and fully recovered after two.

Tubal ligation reversal with Dr. Morice has high success rates. Approximately 75% of Dr. Morice’s tubal reversal patients conceive after their procedure. Better yet, patients are able to have as many children as possible after their tubal ligation reversal. This is unlike other treatments, such as IVF, that require costly treatments each cycle.

Tubal reversal is the best option for those looking to expand their families after a tubal ligation.

Call Tubal Ligation Reversal Center Louisiana at (985) 702-BABY or email us at tubalreversalcenterla@gmail.com for a free consultation

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